Our mouths are filled with a myriad of nooks and crannies. Even with the most diligent home care, it is easy to miss small areas where plaque can accumulate and harden onto your teeth. Called ‘calculus’, this hardened plaque contains bacteria that can lead to gum disease if left untreated. 

Gum disease, while commonplace in New Zealand, can have severe consequences. Beyond potential tooth loss, it is also linked to other health problems like coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, preterm birth and problems controlling blood sugar in diabetes. 

Come visit your friendly Carlton Dental Care team for regular hygiene treatments and enjoy a healthy smile for life!

Hygiene and gum treatments

What does this treatment include?

  • Visual examination by our team to assess your teeth and gums and look for any signs of infection or gum disease
  • Plaque removal
  • Professional clean and polish
  • Personalised tips on caring for your teeth at home

When do I need this?

Regularly! While bleeding gums are a sure-fire sign that you need to come in for treatment, it is important to keep on top of your oral health so that issues can be prevented in the first place. For most people, we recommend hygiene/gum treatments every 6-12 months.

What are the benefits?

Maintain good oral health and improve your overall wellbeing 

Enjoy a healthy, fresh feeling mouth

Speak and smile with greater confidence