If you feel anxious about seeing a dentist, please know that you are not alone. Dental anxiety can be a huge hurdle for some people. At Carlton Dental Care we have gone the extra mile to create a safe, reassuring environment and our empathetic and caring staff are here for you at every step. If you need a little extra help to relax, sedation could be the answer. 

Sedation is different from general anaesthesia where you are put to sleep completely. With sedation, you remain conscious and responsive throughout the treatment. However, you will feel fully and deeply relaxed and may not even remember the event afterwards.

Sedation dentistry

What does this treatment include?

Oral or intravenous sedation to help you feel more at ease during treatment.

When do I need this?

If you are feeling especially anxious about having dental work done.

What are the benefits?

Feel fully relaxed throughout the entire procedure

Avoid the side effects of general anaesthesia

Get help to gradually overcome your anxiety